Visiting U.S. President William McKinley’s Memorial

President McKinley statue at the museum

President William McKinley Memorial in Canton Ohio

President William McKinley was the 25th President of the United State of America. In 1901 they began constructing a monument in his honor, located in Canton Ohio.  Though, he was born in Niles Ohio, he had started working in Canton, married his wife (Ida Saxton) and also ran for the presidency in Canton.

looking out front of the museum
Drive through and between the building and monument to be taking to the monument without walking up the stairs.

In Canton City Memorial Park, you will find President McKinley’s museum and memorial.  You drive through a few turns and there in front of you is the mausoleum and the museum to the left.

Tip: In between the building and mausoleum there is a drive that you can take back behind and around the mausoleum.  This will take you up to the mausoleum without having to walk up all those steps.  You are welcome.

President William McKinley memorial
There are 108 steps to the monument.

What you can see in the museum

The m  Upstairs you will find the room with records and materials from President McKinley.  There are also items such as their bed, desks, living room furniture and clocks (to name a few).  There are documents and even a shirt believed to be worn when President McKinley was shot.

The museum has interactive buttons that go with the items on display.  You can press and read details on the significance of the items.

Also in Ohio are President Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Home & Library and President William Hardings Memorial.

President William McKinley furniture

furniture owned by the president

William McKinley Facts:

  • He was the 25th President
  • He was born in Niles, Ohio
  • McKinley was a member of congress for 14 years
  • He was Governor of Ohio, serving 2 terms
  • McKinley was 6 months into his second term when he died
  • He was assassinated September 14, 1901 during his presidency shortly after leading the country in winning the Spanish-American War
  • The memorial was funded by children’s donations
  • It took almost 2 years to build the memorial
  • President Rutherford B Hayes and President McKinley were friends
  • McKinley, his wife Ida and their 2 young daughters are interred at the memorial
  • The monument has 108 steps
  • Field trips are accepted at the memorial
  • At the museum you can also tour information on Stark County

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artifacts on display at the McKinley museum
On display is a shirt believed to be worn when President McKinley was assassinated.

Presidents national memorial sign by Sewah Studios

Near Canton Ohio? You need to check out President William McKinley's Memorial. So many artifacts in the museum and a gorgeous monument in his honor.

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