homemade bacon egg and cheese biscuit

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homemade bacon egg cheese biscuit

homemade bacon egg and cheese biscuit

Making your own breakfast sandwich saves so much money.  Not to mention, you make it your way.  These bacon egg and cheese biscuits are really easy to make.

My hubby made these bacon egg and cheese biscuits at home for a fraction of the cost to purchase them at the local fast food joint.

Best part is,  you can make them ahead of time and eat them all week.  That’s keeping money in your pocket for other things.  Do not make too many in advance, a weeks worth is fine.  Put them in the freezer with parchment paper in a freezer bag. Don’t forget to mark the date and what’s in the bag.

We have made these biscuits with homemade biscuits or the tube biscuits, pick your comfort level in the kitchen and enjoy.

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fresh biscuit


1 pound bacon cooked
8 slices of cheese
8 eggs fried (or scramble, which ever you want to do)

homemade breakfast


Your biscuits should be cooked before you start or almost done when you begin.

You can cook the bacon on the stove or bake in the even so it’s flat, whichever you prefer. Make sure the bacon is not greasy, blot with a towel.
Cook the eggs individually.  If you are scrambling the eggs, scramble them, but them allow them to cook as one larger piece, so they are easier to keep on the biscuit.
Cut a biscuit in half.
Place an egg down, then bacon and cheese.  Put the top of the biscuit on.
Repeat until all are made.

Wanna save money on breakfast? Make and enjoy these homemade bacon egg and cheese biscuit. With little effort save money and eat a great breakfast!

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  1. The name of this post is like saying naughty word’s in my house, I love almost everything and every sandwich with bacon on it. The picture’s you have here aren’t helping the matter, now I have to drool a little

  2. I agree with you that homemade is cheaper and healthier. I would make these with sausage patties or canadain bacon.

  3. I agree about cleaning up afterwards! One way that I have recently started to cook bacon is in the oven! It turns out perfect every time.. there is still a mess on the baking sheet! Great recipe I will have to try 🙂

  4. I certainly agree with you that homemade is cheaper and you can customize it to your liking. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe. I know I will be trying it out. =)

    1. I’ve only had turkey bacon once and it was ok. So I’m sure it would work as another variation of the recipe! Definitely make it work for your tastes.

  5. I usually make my own variation of that sandwich too.My son and hubby says its better than the fast places!

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