Enjoy the Perfect Getaway at Castaway Bay Ohio

wave pool with people

‘Island’ Getaway – Castaway Bay Ohio

As a Cedar Point blogger, I received complementary passes to the water park, a one night hotel stay, and breakfast at Castaway Bay Ohio for me and my family. All opinions remain my own on my perfect getaway.

My kids love going to water parks, so we were thankful for the opportunity to check out Castaway Bay in Sandusky Ohio.

Castaway Bay is owned by Cedar Point (where all the cool roller coasters are).  One of the Cedar Point entrances was almost right next door, so it would be fun to visit Cedar Point and Castaway Bay in one trip during the summer. (Cedar Point is closed in the winter)

standard room at Castaway

What Are The Rooms Like?

Our room was beautiful.  There is a balcony in every room, the beds were comfy.  Overlooking the water, was nice, despite the cold temps outside.

There are chairs on the balcony so you can enjoy the view.  It was deep winter when we visited, so our visit outside was brief as we were there for the waterpark experience, but it was beautiful.

When we walked in for the first time, my son said “WOW! It is awesome!”

What to do First?

There is a water roller coaster that is super fun to do. I lost my voice screaming all the way.  And it is something you definitely need to try out!

water bucket pouring out onto structure

About every 2 minutes the water bucket empties and splashes and gets everyone below wet. It makes noise to let you know it’s coming. Everyone gathers around to wait for it to get splashed.

obstacle course

Water basketball, playing in the wave pool, sitting in the Jacuzzi and going across the ropes are a few things to try out and have fun. This obstacle course is fun for the kids to try to go across the water of ‘floating’ (held below with a rope).

Perfect ‘Island’ Getaway

hot tub leading outside

I was impressed with the safety they have at Castaway Bay.  They are like mother hens keeping an eye on their flock combing the water with their eyes to ensure no one needs help.  They use a switch system to notify when people are free from the slides, instead of relying on visual cues, which could be hard to see.

The food at Mango Mike’s was delicious. It is a buffet style so you are able to get what you want and as much as you want.  Desserts are plentiful and varied so you are best to take what you want when you see it, it might not be there later!

ribs and broccoli dinner

The downside to staying?  I do wish they had seats in front of the bucket to watch the kids play in the water.  And….you have to leave at some point.  While driving home for 3 hours, my son told me we needed to turn around.  Yes, he liked it that much!

dessert at Mango MIkes

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