Perfect Combination Hotel Breakers & Getaway To Cedar Point

A huge thank you to Hotel Breakers for providing a family vacation opportunity to stay at their hotel and experience Cedar Point in the Summertime.  My opinions are my own and my differ from yours.

hotel breakers sandusky ohio

School is out and now is the perfect time to get away for that family vacation. Where to go?  If you are local, check out Cedar Point and stay at the renovated Hotel Breakers.  If you are not from the area, check out Cedar Point and stay at the beautifully renovated Hotel Breakers.  You won’t be disappointed.

Family Vacation Destination

Cedar Point is the perfect vacation getaway.  The amusement park has something for everyone. Lots of heart pounding rides for the thrill seeker and still very family friendly for the little kiddos too.  But you will want to stay nearby, so you can get up and have the entire day at the park.  Hotel makes the park just foot steps away from your hotel room.

The historic 110 year old Heart Breakers hotel has had a 2 year top to bottom renovation. The charm of the hotel is still there.  It has new paint to high light the historic architecture.  There is beautiful new carpet and amenities in the rooms.

beds in roomGorgeous decorations

Each room has vibrant colors and photos bringing Cedar Point right into your room.  Who wouldn’t get excited about this?  My kids were jumping up and down and wanted to leave the room as soon as we got in as they could see the park from our room.

hotel room desk

I love the bright colors of the dresser and desk. The colors just remind me of being in the park.

If you look at the bathroom it has the same feel as well.  The entry to the room and the bathroom have a wood looking vinyl/tile that just makes me feel like we are on the boardwalk.  Don’t you love it too?

If you notice the bathroom doesn’t look like it has any place for toilet paper.  It’s designed to not be obtrusive, it’s under the ledge of the counter!

storage in room

There is lots of storage for your luggage and I love this fridge/freezer.  It has a small separate freezer on the top and a fridge on the bottom.  I lovely microwave and more storage for all the ‘stuff’ you bring with you.  I love that I could put all my snacks up there.

hallway inside hotel

Location, Location

And being so close to the Cedar Point, we were able to come back to the room and eat.

At the hotel, they also have a beautiful pool outdoors (There is also one indoor).  We walked by it, but did not take a swim.  It did have a life guard, which is helpful.

You are also able to walk out to the beach to Lake Erie (#LakeErieLove to the locals). Watch out for the sea gulls.

TIP:  There are sea gulls.  I noticed lots of vehicles with bird poop, the closer they parked next to the hotel.  We parked away from the hotel (farther way from the water)…no bird poop.  So park away from the hotel and you won’t have unwanted poo on your car!

And even if you don’t bring food, the restaurants are delicious.

We enjoyed breakfast at Perkins, they are very kid friendly.

The biggest decision you have to make is when you want to book your own stay and enjoy time on your family vacation.

Check out Hotel Breakers, located just foot steps away from the Cedar Point Amusement Park. The perfect family vacation getaway.

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    1. I have not stayed at Lighthouse Point (have to check it out), but I do enjoy staying at Hotel Breakers when we are in Sandusky.

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