make your own strawberry container garden

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container strawberries

We have had raised bed strawberries in the past, but cannot decide where we want to make the permanent home of our strawberries this year, so we are going to do container garden for our strawberries.

What type of container to use for your garden?

We have used an old bathtub shaped container and found that using a large planter worked best (and looked nice).  We drilled holes in the bottom of the container to allow the excess water to drain.

You will need to decide how many strawberry plants you want too.  We fit about 8 onto a large pot, understanding the strawberries will spread and take up the extra space.

large planter

We took a drill and put holes in the bottom of the container.  This will allow the  water to flow through the container and drain.

Where should you put your container strawberries?

The container gets super heavy when you fill it with dirt.  So decide where you are going to put it.  Will it go near your house making it easy to water?  Will you have it on your porch for easy gathering of berries?

You will want  an area that gets some shade during the day if possible.  We’ve had strawberries in full sun too, read on the variety of strawberry you have to decide where to put them.

You may need to consider if you have critters that like your berries too.  We had a chipmunk that would take a bite of each of the ripe strawberries.  Perhaps netting over your strawberries is needed.

strawberry french toast casserole

strawberries in container

You can place a layer of stones at the bottom. This will keep the dirt from coming out of the holes in the bottom.

You can then add the dirt into the container, leaving space about 6-8″ from the top.

Add in your strawberries, spacing them out to allow for space for the plants to fill in the gaps in between.

Water the plants daily.  You should see them flower, indicating they will produce berries.  Berries are where the strawberry will come from.

Only have a small space or want to keep the weeds out of your strawberry garden, you can make a container garden for your strawberries.

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