20+ Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

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Valentine’s Day Ideas

There are many things you can do you for that special someone on Valentine’s that are inexpensive. We’ve broken down several ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Use this list to celebrate an anniversary or to get date idea or two. You can have a very nice time while keeping your pocketbook in check. Our list of cheap Valentine’s Day ideas that will still let your partner know that you love them and date night less stressful.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

1.  Make your own Valentines Day card.

2.  Don’t make a card at all, write a poem or a hand written note.

3.  Buy a card at a dollar store or in the $1 section of the greeting cards.

4.  Use the left over red and silver foiled candy from Christmas (if you have any left).

5.  Buy a heart cookie cutter and cut your own heart-shaped cookies, bread, cheese out for a heart effect.

6.  Have a candle lit dinner at home versus going out to eat.  Find a yummy dish you both like and make it.  Think about it.  A $15 per person chicken dinner at a restaurant, might cost $20 total for two, if you made it at home.

7.  Look for a coupon for a restaurant if you do go out, to save some money.

8.  Share a special meal if you go out, think of Lady and the Tramp sharing spaghetti. Sometimes portions are big enough for two.

9.  Go to a fast food restaurant and order off the kids menu, it’s cheaper and appropriate portions versus a fancy restaurant.

10. Take your love out for breakfast, instead of dinner, its cheaper.  And of course, look for a coupon.

11. Check restaurant apps and see if they have coupons or if you have enough points for something free. They might also have app only deals.

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More Valentine’s Date Ideas

12. Buy rose petals in a bag verses on the flower. This is much cheaper if you are going to make a spread of roses or trail.  Ask the florist if they sell petals by the bag.

13. Rent movies online or find a movie you haven’t watched on TV or on Netflix, Hulu, etc that you are already subscribed to. Have a movie marathon!

14. Buy your love something you need for the home versus something frivolous.

15. Melt some chocolate chips and dip in strawberries, pretzels, bananas. 

16. Buy flowers at your local grocery store, versus at a florist.  Some have beautiful flowers at a fraction of the price.

17. Pack a lunch and spend the afternoon at your favorite: park, where you met, going on a road trip, etc.

18. Go to happy hour for cheap drinks and appetizers at a local restaurant.

19.  Put a puzzle together over cheap (but good) pizza.

20. Take a trip and be a tourist in your own city.

21.  Put together a bucket list of things you want to do and pick 1 to do every week, month, 6 months together.

22. Find hotels/restaurants that are offering specials for couples.

23. Print an I love you sign and frame it.

24. Have a game night! Have your favorite board games or try a new one (check out thrift stores).

25. Have a scavenger hunt.

26. Spend a romantic day spending quality time, phones off and just connect talking.

27. Get art supplies and every 3 minutes, swap canvas’ and finish each other’s painting.

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You can save money by using one or more of these ideas and maybe splurging on another area.  Holidays shouldn’t break your budget.

Now it’s your turn.  What is your inexpensive tip to celebrate Valentines Day?

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Need budget friendly Valentines Day ideas? Or maybe date ideas? This list has ways you can celebrate Valentines Day on a budget.

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