How to Make Your Own Hanging Flower Basket

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Homemade Hanging Flower Basket

Every year it seems I would buy a hanging flower basket and end up with a lot of empty pots, no flowers.  I finally got a quality hanging basket, and have saved myself a lot of money, but just refilling it each year. It’s easy and a way to recycle your old hanging basket.

We made our hanging basket using a 15″ pot.  You can adjust your number of plants and dirt based on the size of your pot.  We also got 2 of each plant, You don’t have to do that.  We did get the kind of flowers that will hang and fall nicely out of the basket.

Look for flowers that haven’t bloomed or have buds on them, to enjoy them longer.

Similar to companion gardening, but with your favorite flowers.

flower dirt

Here’s what you’ll need:
15″ hanging pot
bag of potting soil
6 potted plants (kind that will hang and fill pot)  We used 2 each of SuperBelle: HoneyBerry, Lemon Slice & Morning Star

Building Your Hanging Flower Pot

Start by placing a few inches of potting soil in the bottom of your pot.

distance flowers

Add 2 of the same flower on opposite sides of your pot.  This will allow the basket to give different colors all over the basket.

distance flowers

You will want to repeat this with the remaining flowers you have in your basket.  If you bought all different flowers, arrange them in the same pattern.

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planted flowers

We did not place a flower in the middle as the flowers are going to fill out as they grow.  This 15″ pot has 6 flowers in it.  You can finish it by placing additional dirt in the pot to fill in where it may be needed.

Complete the flowers, by hanging in place in a location that is shaded part of the day (or whatever your flowers recommend for shading/sun).

Once the flower pot is hung up, then water it.  This keeps you from trying to hang a very heavy flower pot in place.

Water the flowers daily.

Tired of buying hanging flower baskets? You can make your own and save a lot of money. See how simple and easy it is with these easy steps to do it.

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