What you Need to Know to Freeze Chicken Eggs

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frozen chicken eggs in baking pan

Steps to Freeze Chicken Eggs

Looking to protect yourself from the rising cost of eggs? Consider learning how to freeze chicken eggs.  We have our own chickens, so there are times in the year when we have too many eggs and other times when the chickens stop laying eggs and we would buy them.

Rather than just giving our surplus away or selling them, we freeze eggs and help balance out the ‘extra’ eggs we sometimes have.

You can also easily freeze your chicken eggs and use them for later.  It’s pretty simple and easy, read on.

Below you will find the steps in how to freeze eggs, but you will also want to read the questions and answers below as well for further details.

freezing chicken eggs in pitcher to scramble

Can You Freeze Raw Chicken Eggs To Use Later?

Definitely.  The eggs will need to be scrambled to not change the texture of the eggs.  You will want to add a pinch of salt as well to each egg.

Do You Have To Bread Egg Yolks to Freeze Eggs?

If you do not break the egg yolks before freezing, you will find that the texture of the eggs will change. You will want to mix the egg yolk and egg whites together like scrambled eggs.

filling ice cube tray for freezing fresh eggs

What is the Size of an Egg for Measuring?

When I measured our eggs, it equaled about 1/4 cup for an egg.  I then scrambled 1 egg and determined what that measurement on the silicone cupcake liner and filled the liners to that level for baking use of the eggs.

filling silicone cupcake liners with raw eggs

How Long Can Frozen Eggs Stay in The Freezer?

The frozen eggs can stay in the freezer for up to a year, but for best taste/freshness, we recommend using within 4 months.

freeze fresh eggs - freeze scrambled eggs

Do You Need To Use Farm Fresh Eggs To Freeze Eggs?

No. You can use store bought and freeze eggs this way. You don’t want to use expired eggs.

removing egg from silicone liner and placing into freezer safe bag

How Do You Store Eggs in Freezer?

We placed our eggs in a freezer safe bags and removed the excess air (too much air can lead to frost on the eggs). You also use freezer containers or food storage bags to store them. Be sure to label and date the eggs.

removing eggs from ice cube trays

How Do You Remove the Eggs From the Ice Cube Tray?

If your frozen eggs do not come out of the ice cube tray easily, you will want to carefully run the tray under hot water. If the ice cube tray has a cover, make sure it is on to prevent the egg cubes from falling out. Then attempt to twist and remove the frozen eggs from the tray. Immediately put them in a freezer safe bag or storage container for future use.

ice cube trays in plastic freezer bag

How Do You Use Frozen Eggs?

When you are ready to use your frozen eggs, pull out what you want to use and place in a bowl. Place the bowl in the fridge so that you can thaw eggs. You may want to do this over night, to ensure the eggs are completely thawed before using.

freezer bag of beaten eggs that are frozen eggs
frozen chicken eggs
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How to Freeze Chicken Eggs

Got extra eggs or found a good price on eggs? You can freeze chicken eggs and use them when you need. We've got answers to how to do it.
Course: Meal Prep
Cuisine: American
Author: Regina Sober


  • Eggs
  • Pinch of salt per cupcake holder or ice cube


  • In a bowl or a pitcher, crack your eggs.
  • Whisk the eggs until they are mixed well.
  • Prepare your silicone cupcake holders in a 9×13 cake pan to be close together. And make room in your freezer.
  • If you are not using the reusable cupcake holders, get your ice cube trays ready.
  • Pour the eggs into the cupcake holders or ice cube tray. Leave a little room for expansion.
  • If you are using these for baking, 1/4 cup is about the size of an egg, so add that much egg mix into each cupcake liner.
  • Place the scrambled eggs into the freezer and allow to freeze, over night is best.
  • Remove from the ice cube tray (you may need to run the tray under water to loosen the eggs, use caution when doing this if your ice cube tray does not have a top.
  • If you used the cupcake liners, you should be able to peel them out realitively easily.
  • Moving quicky as the eggs will start to thaw, place the eggs into a freezer bag, seal and freeze.
  • TO USE: Remove eggs from freezer and allow to thaw before use.


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Got extra eggs or found a good price on eggs? You can freeze chicken eggs and use them when you need. We've got answers on how to do it. #freezechickeneggs #frozenchickeneggs #chickeneggs #freezingeggs #rawchickeneggs #savingmoney #budgettips
Got extra eggs or found a good price on eggs? You can freeze chicken eggs and use them when you need. We’ve got answers to how to do it.

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