delicious cheddar stuffed cheeseburger

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cheddar stuffed burger

cheddar stuffed cheeseburger

Why make regular cheeseburgers, when you can make cheddar stuffed cheeseburgers and take your burger to a whole nother level.  These are super delicious and the cheese is in every bite.  Its like an inside out cheeseburger.

One of the tips we have on this, is to make the layers for your burger thin (you’ll need 2 for each burger).  Take the amount of meat you would normally for a burger and divide it in half and form patties.  The cheese will hide in the middle.


2 thin hamburger patties per burger
1 slice cheddar cheese per burger
pepper to taste

Place a piece of cheddar cheese on top of the bottom burger patty.

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Take your hamburger and have it into thin hamburger patties.  If you take the amount of hamburger you were going to use to make a burger and halve it and make a thin patty for each piece.  This will make 1 burger.

Take the cheddar cheese and place it in the middle of the burger.  Place the other patty on top of the burger and close the edges.  You do not want the cheese to melt out of the burger.

The burger is made with the normal amount of meat you use to make burgers.

Place the burgers on a hot grill and season with pepper.

Cook until they are  done to your liking.

Serve on a bun with your favorite toppings.  If you really like cheese, you could add a slice on the outside too, but not needed.

The cheddar stuffed cheeseburger should be moist and delicious.

Have you made an inside out cheeseburger? You can easily with this cheddar stuffed cheeseburger recipe. It's simple and a very tasty way to have burgers.

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