Cute Printable Alphabet Valentine Gift Idea

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Valentine Gift Idea

Looking for a cute and simple gift to give your Valentine sweetie that they can view every day? We’ve made a cute Valentine that you can frame in a picture frame.  This is an easy Valentine gift idea you can make for yourself.  You could also just download the printable we’ve put into a PDF and save yourself some hassle in aligning all the letters perfectly.

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What you need is a printer and a 8×10 picture frame.

Once you have printed out in color, you need to trim the piece of paper down to 8×10 in size, so it will fit in the picture frame.

You can then place the sheet in the picture frame and give the gift to your sweetie.

This would also be the perfect decoration at a wedding, bridal shower and proposal.

You can reduce the size of the image and print smaller if you desire as well.

Consider mailing this to your loved ones too.  It’s a fun thing to let them know you love them and it doesn’t cost a lot either.

If you don’t have an 8×10 picture frame, you can check out your local discount stores and find one you like.  You can also decorate your own frame if you want too.

A cute way to tell your sweetie you love them. A free printable Valentine gift idea. Perfect to share at proposals & bridal showers. Put on display at your wedding too.

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