How to Make a Companion Container Garden

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plants in container garden

how to create a companion container garden

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We read a book on gardening called Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening.  It sounded perfect for us.  You plant certain plants together, to help them grow better, reduce pests and produce more. This is called companion gardening.  It can be done in a container or in the ground.   You can even try your hand at making a hanging basket.

What you will need:
potting soil
plants that you can companion plant according to the book
flower pot

large planter

what kind of container do you use for container gardening?

You will need to determine how big of a garden you want, and what items  you want to plant to select your own container.  We were planting tomatoes and the plants get big.

I found the biggest flower pot I could find.  We drilled holes in the bottom  to allow for drainage of excess water.  We filled the flower pot with 2 cubic feet of potting soil (that filled the pot almost to the top).  You want to have enough room to dig into and plant the plants and have enough room for them to establish a good root system.

plants in container garden

We wanted to can tomatoes.  In our container, we planted Tomatoes, basil, onions, carrots, yellow and green peppers, marigolds.  The book explains why you plant certain plants together.  For example, keeping bugs away and promoting growth.  Our plants are just an example of what you can plant.

Once you have the dirt in, read the details on how far apart you can plant your plants.  I put the tomato plant in the middle, and thought about how big each plant will grow to space out the rest of the plants. Pepper plants went on the side and the onions are all over the place. You want to take into consideration about the size the plants will grow, the amount of sun they will get when putting them into the container. Planting to closely could be difficult to get veggies as tomato plants get huge!

What I found once the plants grew, was I didn’t estimate how large the tomato plant would grow, so plant things farther apart.

container gardening tips

  • Container gardens require you to water the plants on a daily basis.
  • Plant in the proper amount of sun.  All sun, partial sun.  Pick an area where to plant the plants so they will grow best.
  • Pick plants that you want food from, that will grow well together.
  • Don’t plant everything closely together.  Remember plants will grow and spread.

container gardening

Have you tried companion container gardening? Companion gardening helps you know what to plant to plant together to boost your garden.

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