Roadside Attractions Put-In-Bay Ohio

perrys victory monument

I’m always on the look out for some good things to stop and photograph.  I love the sunsets and barns and if you followed me on Instagram you’d see that, food and more.  What I really like is finding interesting  things to stop and learn a little on, or just stop and take a picture of because it’s odd and believe others might enjoy it to. Roadside attractions in Put In Bay Ohio is one of them.

Put In Bay is located on South Bass Island in Ohio.  Not to far from Cedar Point in Lake Erie.  To get to the island you take a ferry and the fastest way to get there is by Miller Ferry service from Catawba.

You can take your vehicle with you on the ferry.  We do not take our vehicle because we can rent a golf cart at E’s Put-in-Bay carts as soon as we get there and be on our way.  It is easier for us with the tourists and places to park to whip in and out with something smaller than my Jeep.  We don’t consider ourselves tourist.  Put-In-Bay is one of our homes away from home.

There is lots of great shopping, food and things to do on the island.  Since we like roadside attractions and Put-In-Bay has them, we had to check them off our list.

Roadside Attractions Put-In-Bay

Anchorage Anchor

Anchor – Anchorage

Located in someone’s yard, we thought this was appropriate to include.  Someone has a love for Alaska and anchors.  We pulled along the side of the road to get this photo.

Location: On EastPoint on the Eastern part of the Island on the North side of the road.

First Boat Put In Bay

Boat – First boat to do ship to shore broadcast

History was made in 19 7 on Put-In-Bay  when Dr. Lee de Forest broadcast race results from a boat in the harbor to an assistant near the spot the during the Annual Inter-Lakes Yachting Association’s annual Regatta.  You can see the boat on display in the boat harbor.

Location: End of Dock C on Bayview near the corner of Toledo.

Butterfly Statue Put In Bay

Butterfly Wood Statue

Beautiful wood statue with a butterfly carved at the top with a women/girl carved along the side.

Located at Perry’s Cave in front of the Butterfly House on the right hand side as you walk into the Butterfly House.

Atlas Status on Put In Bay Ohio

Big Statue of Atlas

As you get off the ferry and walk up the hill.  To your right about 1/4 mile down Highway 163 (Langram Rd), you will file a statue of Atlas on the right side.  This is on a private residence, but if you pull off the road, you can get your photos.

Location: Highway 163/Langram Road


<someone forgot to take a picture>

3rd longest bar – Go to the Beer Barrel Saloon.  In there you will see a bar that is 405 feet 10 inches long.

Location: corner of Delaware and Catawba Avenue

Worlds Largest Geode - Put In Bay

Largest Geode – This can be found at Crystal Cave at Heineman Winery.  There is a fee to see it, and you will need to venture into a cave 40 feet underground.

Location: 978 Catawba Avenue

perrys victory monument

Largest Doric Column

Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial stands 352 feet.  It stands 47 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. The column was created to honor those who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812 led by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.  It is also to celebrate the long lasting peace between the United States, Canada an Britain.   It is free to see the monument and visit the park.  If you wish to go into the monument, it is $5 for anyone 16 and older. Kids 15 and under are free with an adult.  You can get a stunning view of Put-In-Bay from the observation deck.

Location: 93 Delaware Avenue

YouTube video

Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry

Statue of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry

Located inside the park building to find this statue of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.  Be sure to also check out the display and the short movie detailing the Battle of Lake Erie.

Location: 93 Delaware Avenue

Joseph DeRivera wood carving

Joseph DeRivera Wood Carving

Joseph DeRivera was a Spanish merchant that purchased South Bass, Middle Bass, Sugar, Gibraltar, Ballast and Starve Island in 1854 for $44,000.  He was one of the most influential men in Put-In-Bay.   The park downtown, where the carving is located was named after him.  The carving was made from a tree (estimated to be 200 years old) that had broken during a storm in 2017.  Instead of cutting it down, the tree was topped below where it had broken.  Matt Missey, owner of Ohio Tree Carving spent 80 hours carving the statue with a chainsaw and other tools.

Location: Put-in-Bay DeRivera Park

Fountain in Derivera park Put in Bay

DeRivera Park Fountain

Located diagnoal from the Joseph DeRivera status, is this large fountain.  Made from cement and local stones.  If you are able to see it at night, it lights up.

Location: Put-in-Bay DeRivera Park

South Bass Light House

South Bass Lighthouse

The lighthouse was first lit in 1897.  There are tours have set hours, but don’t worry!  You can still tour the grounds and see the views.  The are beautiful photo opportunities abound here, so don’t be discouraged if it is not open.

Location: 2368 Langram Rd

Have you been to all these roadside attractions?  Which is your favorite?

Roadside Attractions Put-in-Bay Ohio: Check out these fun roadside attractions on South Bass Island in Ohio.

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