how to easily make ground chicken

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chicken breast

In my local grocery store, you cannot buy ground chicken.  I searched a few stores and could not find it. It could be because of the demand in my area and the shelf life would make this product not smart too keep in stock.  I didn’t ask the butcher at the store if they would grind it, but they might have.

I wanted to make chicken burgers and was at a loss on what to do. This became a DIY project in the kitchen.

I bought chicken tenders because they were on sale, and cheaper than chicken breasts.  You can buy chicken breasts as well, whichever is in your price point.

What you’ll need:

chicken breasts or tenders
food processor


chicken tendershow to make ground chicken

I got my mini food processor out and put about 10 ounces of chicken in and put the top on and turned it on.  I counted to 10 and then had the processor change directions (mine has a reverse) and counted to 10 again and checked the chicken.

The chicken was ground perfectly.  I repeated this process until all the chicken I wanted ground was complete.

processed chicken

We made chicken burgers with our chicken which were delicious.

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