HalloWeekends At Cedar Point In Ohio

scary halloween display

Halloween Thrills With HalloWeekends

When you think of Cedar Point, you think of the thrilling rides and the awesome coasters.  If that wasn’t enough, the park transforms at the end of September into a really spooktacular place.  The entire park is decorated for Fall and Halloween, during what they call Halloweekends. Halloween thrills are back with Halloweekends at Cedar Point!

Halloweekends Sign at Cedar Point

Is HalloWeekends For The Family?

Yes.  You can still bring the entire family to Cedar Point during HalloWeekends. As the name implies, Cedar Point is only open during the weekends for this event.

Around 8 pm the zoomies/living dead march down the midway and it’s the sign that the scary stuff will happen soon.  If your kids don’t want to be approached or scared, No Boo necklaces will need to be purchased and worn.

zombies walking midway

It’s A Scream For HalloWeekends At Cedar Point

If you are at the park when it gets dark, it’s even more eerie and ghoulish.  The outdoor scary starts at 8pm.  You can head to the Scare Zones for thrills.  The Indoor Scare Zones start early, so check the app to see what is happening and where.


YouTube video

gargoyle outside of sky view

What Can Kids Do?

During the day, there are no zombies roaming the park (until around 8pm).  There are different mechanical ogres and beings that talk and makes noises.  They do not walk out into the crowd.mechanical orge at halloweekends

Check the schedule, but there is a parade that happens for the kids, the kids activities include trick or treating and a few on hands activities in the park for a little candy.  Kids can even dress up in costumes if they wish, but it is not required.
kids in foam up to chest

What my kids seemed to enjoy most was the bubbles.  We have experienced HalloWeekends for many  years and we always ended up at the bubbles more than once.

As they have gotten older, they appreciate the decorations and the scary portion of the park.

creepy clown display

Tribute To History

Every time I go to HalloWeekends, I look to find the cemetery of the rides that are no longer in the park.

You will have to find it too and see it. Parts of some rides on display and names of rides no more.  A really cool nod to the history of rides at the park.

arch for dead rides cemetery

dead ride cemetery tombstones

Depending on how you arrive to the amusement park, you may see the decorations don’t just start at the park.  The Halloween decorations are on the ride in.  And if you are staying at Hotel Breakers, it’s decorated well and a must see.

Model T car with mummies sitting in car

There are live concerts around the park during the day that are family friendly, check the Cedar Point App for times and locations.

Midway Halloweekends

HalloWeekends is only happens for a short time.  On the weekends starting mid September until Halloween.  Make plans to come on over to Sandusky Ohio and get your thrills and have fun with the entire family at Cedar Point and enjoy some Halloween thrills on the rides and the activities they have available.

Halloween thrills Cedar Point and Halloweekends go hand in hand. Not been to Cedar Point for Halloween, here are some things to know.

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