Family Friendly Places to Eat on Maui Hawaii

surfside pizza maui

Places to Eat on Maui

We are a family who has picky eaters.  So whenever we go on vacation, it’s a challenge to find places to that will have something to eat.  If you are taking a trip to Hawai’i, I have some suggestions on family friendly places to eat on Maui.

My kids go to foods when on vacation are pizza, mac and cheese and grilled cheese for lunch/dinner.  For breakfast they will eat bacon, eggs and toast and hashbrowns.

Because most foods have to be shipped in, it is expensive to eat out.  We spent $6 for a dozen eggs and $4 for a gallon of milk and I think $6 or $7 (US dollars) for a pound of bacon.

On a recent trip to Hawaii, we opted to stay at a condo.  This allowed us to go grocery shopping and make 1-2 meals at home and eat 1 meal (usually lunch) out while we were sightseeing.  It saved us a lot of money.

But where do you eat with picky eaters when you are outside your condo? What if you are staying at a hotel? 

How Do You Travel With Picky Eaters?

You research your day and read a lot of menus online when possible.  You also ask restaurants if they can make grilled cheeses when possible.  But I’ve done some of the work that may help you.  We did try a lot of different pizza and ate at a couple chain restaurants as well.

The places we ate were not exotic by any means.  It was just traditional food for picky eaters.

Food in Maui

Blue Moon Cafe

Located in Kihei, this was our first meal when we landed.  The Blue Moon Cafe is located in a strip mall.  We enjoyed breakfast.  It was good, no one else was in the restaurant when we were there.  We got 4 plates of food and it was about $50.

Afterwards, we went shopping for our souvenirs next door.

blue moon cafe maui
blue moon cafe maui

Bob’s Dogs

Location Haiku, at Ho’Okipa Beach Park we visited on our last day.  Bob was out of hot dogs and his wife was on her way to get more.  We so wanted to try this food truck too, it looked really cool.  You can see cows next to the park, eat at the pavillion and watch surfers.

Bob's Dogs Food truck in Hawaii

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Cinnamon Roll Place

Located in Kihei.  We had been told by someone to stop and visit this place.  They have good cinnamon rolls, a great snack, but you have to go early to get them.  They also serve coffee.

huge cinnamon rolls from cinnamon roll place

Fabiani’s Bakery and Pizzeria

Located in Kihei.  The restaurant sits back and off the road.  They serve amazing pizza.  You have to go in and check out their bakery items.  We got a coconut pie (mini) and some cannoli’s.  They were delicious.

fabiani's baker and pizzeria

Outriggers Pizza

Located in Kihei.  This food truck was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show.  Take cash.  You sit at the truck while they cook your pizza in the oven.  It’s pretty quick.  There is not a lot of seating.  We really liked the pizza and visited a few times on our trip.

outrigger pizza from diners drive ins and dives

Stewz Maui Burgers

Located in Kihei, not to far from Outriggers Pizza, this was a great burger place.  There is seating inside at the bar next door, or you can sit outside and eat. There are a variety of  burgers to choose from, and rootbeer floats.  The food was more expensive than on the mainland, but reasonable for Hawaii.

The kids enjoyed the chicken strips and fries.

stewz maui burger

stewz maui burger

Sugar Beach Bake Shop

Located in Kihei, and next door to Ululani’s, is the Sugar Beach Bake Shop.  You have to get here early in the day or there will be no donuts.  They make what they make in the morning, not all day long.   The Malasadas are donuts filled with different ingredients, like coconut cream.

sugar beach bake shop coconut doughnuts

Surf Side Woodfire Pizza

Located in Lahaina in an outdoor mall area, is Surf Side.  They make some great pizza’s and and sandwiches.  We drove back a second time to have dessert because we missed it the first time.

surfside pizza - cheese pizza
surfside pizza maui

Tasty Crust Restaurant

Located in Wailuku.  If you want to eat where the locals eat, this place is it.  It does not look like much on the outside, but it was some great food.  Especially after a 4 hour drive around the west side of the island (and the mountain!)

tasty crust restaurant grilled cheese and french fries
These fries, so delicious!
tasty crust restaurant  breakfast of toast and eggs
Breakfast is available all day long!
tasty crust restaurant where the locals eat hamburger and fries
A good burger with all the fixins’

best things to do in Maui Hawaii

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

ulanis shave ice

I think the kids lived off of this while we were here.  And their dad.  Shave ice is something you can get with multiple flavors.  It’s really good and refreshing when you are outside.  There are a few on Maui that you can go to.  There is one in Kihei near a beach on South Kihei Road. Not really food, but one of our favorite places to eat on Maui.

Do you have picky eaters while in Maui? Looking for family friendly places to eat on Maui? We are our picks to eat on Maui with kids.

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