18+ Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winterize car tips

Winterize Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Have you considered what you will do if you find yourself stranded along the road?  Whether it is in the winter or anytime of the year, you need to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. You need to prepare your car, SUV, truck or Jeep for winter with these tips.

In Michigan, when the cold weather hits, we shift a bit and have to put a few extra things in our vehicles, to prepare in case we get stranded on the road.  If you travel in rural locations or in highways, you may find you or your teen driver need to have additional emergency items in your vehicle until help arrives.

You will want to find a good basket, tote that won’t take up a lot of space.  I use a tote from Thirty-One Gifts as my winter bag.

ice on rear vehicle window

Here is a good list of things to have in your vehicle emergency kit:

  • blankets – mylar space blanket reflect heat back to you
  • compact shovel
  • gloves
  • carpet remnant – for traction if you get stuck
  • flashlight – a good rechargeable flashlight works well
  • hat, boots, socks – have enough for the number of people who ride in your car
  • jumper cables – and know how to use them!
  • tire pressure gauge
  • flares
  • seat belt cutter
  • atlas/maps – if the battery on your phone goes dead, you will need a map
  • toilet paper
  • number of a tow truck company in your phone
  • kitty litter or bag of sand – for traction if you slide off the road
  • protein snacks
  • sunglasses (at least for the driver)
  • toe strap – for trucks to pull people out
  • small tool kit – to do small repairs on your vehicle
  • few bottles of water

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check tire pressure
Low tire pressure can cause you to have less grip on the road.

How do you prepare your car for winter? We winterize our car by having things on hand in case of an emergency. Do you have these 18+ items in your car?

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