how to can stewed beef

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stewed beef

how to can beef

My grandma used to can meat.  We served some at my high school open house.  It did not look good to me in the glass jar.  But when it was heated up, it was some of the most tender, delicious meat I’ve ever had.  I would eat it over and over again.

Canning beef, saves space in your freezer, saves money (no frost bite in a can) and you cook a lot at a time, so you are only heating your house up once..

I got my roast, when it was on sale at the grocery store for a BOGO sale, saving even more money.

I trimmed off most of the fat (you’ll want some), and made 12 quarts, with 8 roasts cut into cubed pieces.

You will want to start early in the day due to the long processing time and waiting for it to cool down.

Wash the jars once they are cooled, they get a little greasy.

You can serve the can beef  to make BBQ sandwiches, over potatoes, in a soup and so much more.

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canned beef
What you need:

Pressure Canner
Canning Utensils
Canning Jars
Canning Lids & Seals
Cutting board
Meat cut into 1 inch cubes (remove as much fat as possible when cutting them up
Hot water


Boil the lids to sterilize (until the water boils).
Take the cubed meat and place place it into the sterile jar, leaving 1 inch headspace.
Fill the jar with hot water, leaving 1 inch head space.
Clean the top of the jar and place the lid and ring on the jar and tighten slightly.
Place jars into pressure canner, adding at least 2 inches of water into canner (about 2 quarts). Water should be same temp as jars.
Bring up to 10 pounds pressure and can for 1 1/2 hours for quarts and 1 hour 15 minutes for pints.
Allow the pressure to come down on it’s own after the time has passed (or the water will escape from the jars).
Remove the jars and place on the counter to cool with the jar carrier.
Remember, they are hot!
Allow to cool before placing the date and what is in the jar with a sharpie marker.
Change the water and start again if you have more to can.



Have you ever tried canned beef? If you can can beef yourself and have it ready to go when you need/want it. Easy food to make for family gatherings.

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  1. Interesting, I would have never thought of doing this. Thank you for sharing, I know that canning was a popular process a long time ago because meat was considered a luxury for many families. Buying and canning meat when it was on sale was the only way some families were able to afford meat on a regular basis.

    1. Good point on meat only being for the rich a long time ago. Unfortunately, it is still this way for struggling families in my area.
      We take advantage of sales and those BOGO sales definitely help us stretch our money.
      Canning, is just a bonus to get it to last even longer without taking up space in the freezer.

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