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What to See Around Presque Isle State Park

We took a family adventure to see Niagara Falls and came back through New York and back west to Michigan, stopping in Erie Pennsylvania at the Presque Isle State Park.  There are so many things to see in this area (like the art junkyard), here are just a few things you may want to share with your family too.


oliver hazard perry monument

Commodore Perry Monument

If you haven’t heard of Oliver Hazzard Perry, you should look him up.  In the park you will find the Commodore Perry Monument paying tribute to him and his efforts in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.  Now, the war did not take place here (it took place in Put-In-Bay Ohio), his fleet was based in Presque Isle Bay.

oliver hazard perry monument

Details of the battle are set up around the monument detailing the battle and the impact of Oliver Hazzard Perry.

presque isle lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse

If you love lighthouses, visiting the Presque Isle Lighthouse is a must.  For a small fee, you can go inside the lighthouse keeper’s home.   Bring your camera and climb the steps to the top of the tower to capture the panoramic view of Lake Erie and the Park.  There is a small gift shop that you can enter for free and get your souvenirs.

maritime museum

Erie Maritime Museum

All things nautical can be found at the Erie Maritime Museum.  You can find the US Brig Niagara there (check the schedule to make sure it is in port, as it travels).

There are fees to tour the gallery, the Niagara and special events.  But you can enter to store for free and shop.  Outside the shop are various photo opportunities as well.

If you go outside, you can also catch a glimpse of ships in the port as well.

ship in erie pennsylvania


9/11 memorial erie pennsylvania

9/11 Memorial at Raymond M. Blasco, MD Memorial Library

Located outside the library, there is a beautiful memorial for those who died on September 11th, 2001.

May we always remember and never forget.

9/11 memorial flag

names on 9/11 memorial flag
It may seem like just a flag. But upon closer inspection, there are names in the stripes of the flag.

There are many other things to see in the area, for you to see and do, but if you only have a few hours to explore, these are great educational things for your family to see.

Have you visited Presque Isle State Park in Erie Pennsylvania? It is the perfect area to see a maritime museum, lighthouse and more.

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