7 Inexpensive Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

older kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling and updating a kitchen can be crazy expensive. It can make you feel that you cannot even start the remodeling process because you don’t have the budget. If you just want to spruce up the space you have, we are sharing a few kitchen update tips. You can do a few things to brighten your current kitchen before you take the plunge and start the kitchen remodeling process. 

kitchen sink in kitchen with large window in front of sink

This is my kitchen. It was last updated in the 1960s.  Yes those are brown appliances (that do not work) We are saving up to remodel it.

Kitchen Remodel Tips

Change out cabinet hardware – Find some really nice knobs or handles you like and swap out the old for new.  Make sure that they can fit in or cover the existing holes.

kitchen cabinet door handles on custom cabinets

Paint the walls – this is a great way to make a big change, for little money. This is one of my favorite kitchen update tips. A new color can change a room until you are ready to remodel.

Change the light fixture – if you are going to get a new light fixture when you remodel and you know what it is, get it now.  To me buying a new one to change it again with a different one, would be a waste of money, so buy the one you want now.  This works unless you are getting can lights, then you could go to a local Habitat for Humanity and get a inexpensive light. Search for task lighting if you don’t have a lot of good lighting.

kitchen ceiling light fixtures recessed

Repaint cabinets – if your cabinets are in good shape, you can repaint them.  You will more than likely need to sand before you can paint them, but this works great to transform your kitchen. By saving your cabinets, you can reduce the cost of your remodel significantly. Check resale shops and online for reduced price cabinets if you are in need of cabinets.

Keep plumbing where it is – if you like the layout of your kitchen, keep the plumbing where it is at.  Having to move plumbing can be expensive

Remnant granite – visit the granite shop and see if they have remnants. You may be able to find something at a discount for your kitchen.

Scratch and dent appliances – if you have kids, they are going to dent you appliances eventually anyway.  Look for scratch and dent models, they are discounted and can save you money. If you buy new appliances before your actual remodel, you may end up denting/scratching them when they are put into place.

Should I Hire A Contractor?

With the specialty areas (electrical, plumbing, etc.), you will want to have a contractor come out and handle this work.

What are your kitchen remodeling ideas? Whatever you decide, you can do a few small things until you are ready to move forward with a bigger project.

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