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Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pork loin is a nice piece of meat to cook in the Instant Pot. You can cut it into thick slices and make pork chops and you can easily cook the rest and make barbecue pulled pork sandwiches.

The pork comes out very tender and delicious and you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make this. And using the Instant Pot, is a time saver that keeps you from over cooking and drying out your pork.

The barbecue sauce should have apple cider vinegar in it, that helps make the pulled pork tender. You could also add a little (Tablespoon) into the meat if you want.

boneless pork loin roast

What Is the Secret to Tender Pulled Pork?

Cooking the pork slow allows it to be tender. You also want to cook it evenly, so it all cooks at the same time.  If you have a large pork loin, and even with a smaller one, cut it in half or in quarters.  It will not require a lot of time for it to cook the middle.  This keeps the ends from over cooking.

Make sure you have a little liquid as well.  The juices will release from the meat and help cook it as well, so you don’t need to add a lot.

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Do You Put Sauce on Before or After Cooking?

If you want an intense flavor of the barbecue, you should add the barbecue sauce after cooking.

If you put the bbq sauce in the Instant Pot while cooking, the pulled pork can infuse the flavor while cooking.

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BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich Instant Pot

If Summer were a sandwich, it may be a barbecue pulled pork sandwich.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Author: Regina Sober



  • 1 pork loin
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 bottle barbecue sauce
  • ground pepper
  • hamburger buns


  • Set Your Instant Pot to sauté and add olive oil.
  • Cut the pork loin in half if its to long for the Instant Pot.
  • Add the pork loin into the pot and add pepper.
  • Sear the loin on both sides.
  • Add water and barbecue sauce.
  • Set the Instant pot to meat/stew and cook on high pressure for 1 hour, natural release.
  • Natural release the pork.
  • Take your forks and shred the pork in the juices.
  • Allow the pork to marinate in the juices and barbecue sauce.
  • Serve on your favorite hamburger bun and add a little sauce.


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You can add the barbecue sauce once you have cooked the pork loin, instead of cooking with it, personal preference.

bbq pulled pork

How Long Does it Take For Pulled Pork to Cook?

First, the pork loin needs to be thawed, otherwise we can’t answer this question fairly.  If you are slow cooking the pulled pork, it will take 4-6 hours in a slow cooker.

But, if you use your Instant Pot, it will take an hour to cook.

shredded pork

How Can I Add More Flavor to the Pulled Pork?

You can replace water with chicken broth or vegetable broth.  You can use a store bought bbq sauce (or add to it) apple cider vinegar, a little yellow mustard, onion powder or a little red pepper flakes.  Use an entire can of chicken broth, not just a cup.

How Can I Fix My BBQ Sauce?

Add 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and yellow mustard to your sauce.  You can use a bbq sauce that is hickory flavored or honey/brown sugar (if you want something sweet).  If you just have regular barbecue sauce, add a little brown sugar. Honey is also a nice addition to the sauce as well. Taste it as you go.

Love pulled pork, but don't have time to cook it all day? Enjoy barbecue pulled pork in your Instant Pot in an hour.

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