bacon egg & cheese breakfast sandwich

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bacon egg cheese croissant sandwich

It’s true you can make it at home cheaper than stopping and getting fast food.  So when I found myself craving a croissant breakfast sandwich, I knew I needed to make them at home. And you can make them how you like them. See how you can make bacon egg & cheese breakfast croissants in batches for grab and go breakfast.

making the bacon egg & cheese breakfast sandwich

Making these breakfast sandwiches is easy. I find making a few at at time and freezing them, will all you to grab one and warm it up once you get to work. You can also have it warming up in the microwave for a few minutes while making your coffee or other morning tasks. You can then eat it before you head out the door.

I made these in batches of 4 sandwiches.

scrambled eggs (1 egg for every sandwich, we also add a splash of milk into the eggs)
3-4 strips of bacon per sandwich
1 slice cheese per sandwich (we used American cheese)
1 croissant cut per sandwich
pepper to taste

bacon egg cheese croissant sandwich

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In a bowl scramble the eggs with a splash of milk and pepper to taste.

Warm a pan with a small pat of butter to keep the eggs from sticking.

Pour the egg mix into a warm pan.  These will need to be cooked, but not in a way that you scramble them into small pieces.  You want them to cook so that they can be made into 4 sections for each sandwich. Cooking them in larger pieces, allows them to not fall apart when you eat the sandwich.

Cut the croissants open and place the bottoms on a plate.

Place the slice of cheese down on the croissant and once the egg is cooked, place the cooked egg on each sandwich.

Place 3-4 slices of cooked bacon on each sandwich.

You can wrap them individually in parchment paper and then in a zipped bag and place in the freezer.

Microwave them for about 2 minutes, depending on your microwave wattage to warm them and eat.

A great sandwich for on the go, try the bacon, egg & cheese croissant breakfast sandwich. Make a few in advance and you are set for the week. My family loves these! #crossaintsandwich #baconcrossaintsandwich #baconeggcheesecrossaintsandwich #easybaconcrossaintsandwich #baconeggcroissantsandwich

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