How to Make A Candy Bouquet Gift

valentines day bouquetHow to Make a Candy Bouquet

This candy bouquet is just adorable.   It is a perfect gift, when you are on a budget.  This is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, gifts for your friends and even a get will gift.

The list of items to purchase below, should be the favorite candies and snacks that the gift is for.

Having a good variety is fun.  You could even make these for silent auctions for a fundraiser.

You can make hot chocolate from chocolate candy too.

YouTube video

candy mug list

What You’ll Need:
coffee mug or glass
candy bars
gum, mint
bag of chips/popcorn
pair of socks
sticks/paper straws

snack bouquet
Secure your stick to the back of the chips/snack bag with a piece of packing tape.

Assembling Your Bouquet

Place a sock at the bottom of the coffee mug to help keep things in place.

Turn the candies and snacks so you can see the back.  Place a stick on the back of items that are heavy and use packing tape to secure the stick.

For lighter items, you can place a paper straw (or even a ice cream stick) on the back with packing tape.

Vary the height of the items, like the size of flowers, so you will see many things in the ‘vase’ mug.

making candy flowers

Place all the sticks/straws on the back of your items.  It makes assembly go quicker and not all of these items will want to stand on a stick by themselves.

Start putting each item into the mug and adding more.  We add them into the folds of the socks as much as possible.

candy flowers

Once you have your goodies in the mug, look at it from the front.  Is it cute, does something need to be changed?

You’ve make a super cute gift for your love.  Make sure you got some candy in there you like.  You could also make them a beautiful button bouquet too.

candy bouquet

In need of a cute & budget friendly gift? We have a cute candy bouquet you can DIY for Valentines, anniversaries, birthdays, fundraisers etc.

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