Thrifting Secrets Revealed: How to Find Top-Quality Used Items

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Did you know you can go other places than just garage sales to get great things?  There are a lot of places to go that are year round discount shopping experiences. You can find the best used items at these locations.

Check Out Estate Sales

I never seem to find what I want since I discovered estate sales.

Oh my goodness.  These things are the bomb!  You can search online for estate sales in your area, and they post pictures of the items for sale. Pictures!

There is no wondering what it looks like, you just don’t know the cost until you get there.

I will tell you the price of things, are not garage sale prices.  The quality is A LOT nicer. They do not normally have clothing and more furniture, kitchen items.

Most of the sales start on Thursday or Friday of the week, so you will want to plan when you are going.

I have even noticed if you gamble and don’t go on the first day, prices are marked down 50%+on the items the second or third day (because they want things to sell and clean out the house).

So if are looking for some good finds, check out the estate sales.

What About Flea Markets?

Flea markets are awesome ways to shop as well.  Finding them can be difficult, so ask your friends and search online for ones in your area to attend.

You may find you need to pay a fee to enter the flea market or for parking.

thrift store glassware

Finding Good Thrift Stores

Don’t forget those craft stores with booths. You can find some great flea market-ish stuff too. Each both is typically rented by an individual to see their finds. Prices may vary on he same item at different booths.

Antique stores also might have that find you are looking for if it’s older.

The biggest thing you can do at a store/venue you like is to talk to the owner.  How often do they get new stuff.  That would let you know how frequent to come back to their store.

Don’t forget to check out the local Volunteers of America discount store as well, they have great deals on clothes and some household items, including furniture.

Make it a vacation with your family and get the good stuff while seeing the sights. And if the thrift store has clothes, it’s on trend to do school shopping there, saving your budget.

Where do you find the best used items?

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