Where Can You Do Laundry in Ireland

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On a recent vacation to Ireland, we ended up needing to do laundry. I had calculated that we should be fine with clothes we brought as we had rented a house for part of our stay and that would be enough to get us through the rest of the vacation.  Vacations doing always go as planned.  Circumstances left us needing to do laundry again.  It took some time, but we found a place to do laundry in Ireland.

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where can you do laundry in Ireland

Finding a place to do laundry in Ireland was no small task.  They don’t call them laundromats here.  There are lots of services that they have where you drop off the laundry and pick it up later.  Most are not open on the weekends (especially on Sunday).  And we needed to do laundry on Sunday.

I finally searched the right terms, to find a laundrette in Ireland and came across Revolution Laundrette.  There are so many of these laundrettes, it was like finding a goldmine and one was only 7 miles away from where we were and open 24/7!

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About The Laundrette

This is a unique set up for finding a laundrette.  The laundrettes are either next to buildings or in parking lots of other businesses.  They are outside, so if it’s raining you’ll need to step into the overhang to not get wet.

What I loved about the laundrette was that it accepted coins or credit card.  You do not need to have laundry detergent, it is provided in the cost of your wash.  You can opt to pay additional money to have fabric softener added to your wash).

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Washing Your Clothes

The laundrette we went to had 2 washers and 1 dryer.  There was a very large washer and dryer and a smaller washer, so you could do tw0 loads at once.  The machine did have the ability to send you a text when the wash was complete.

The dryer cost was a little more, for 15 minutes.  The washer had spun pretty well, so I felt we could get the clothes dry within 15 minutes.  You have to select a temperature for the dryer.  This got me.  I tried to convert in my head C to F and didn’t select a warm enough temperature.  Because we washed EVERYTHING in 1 load, we dried it in one load too.  When the dryer was done, we still had clothes that were not dry and laid them out all over our rental car and then in our hotel room to dry.

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The Cost Of Doing Laundry

Doing laundry was not cheap and why we only did 1 load for everything. To do one load of laundry and that extra cost for fabric softener, was about $17 US.

While it was not something I would do repeatedly, it was needed and worth the convenience.  The clothes smelled amazing.  The cost also would have been less expensive had we used the smaller washer and not the huge one.

These machines were well built and high efficiency.  Because it has the laundry soap, made it super convenient to not have to worry about buying this separately.

This was also cheaper than buying additional clothes as we only took 1 suitcase with us for 4 people on a 10 day vacation to Ireland and Scotland.  We packed clothes for 5 days.  And some of us ended up having less clothes than we planned.

Tip: always make sure your clothes are packed.  Someone removed my pants and I was left with the shorts I had on travel day and another pair for a 10 day vacation.  No pants in a place that was mid- 60s and windy. 😉

Helping the Locals

We seemed so at ease using the laundrette, I had a local come up and ask me about the cost and how it was to use the machines.  As soon as I started talking, she said ‘oh, you are not even from here!’  I explained to her our experience.  She was eager to use this for her daughters large comforter.

I wish we had one of these in our neighborhood.  I’d take my comforter there too.

Have you done your laundry while in Ireland and used a laundrette?

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Planning on doing laundry in Ireland? You need these tips to be able to even find the laundry mat. It wasn't easy at first finding the laundrette.

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