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Decluttering can be a challenge.  Do you really need all those items?  Chances are if you haven’t used it in a year, you don’t need it. You can use these places to declutter your closet and declutter your lift! Check out these ways to help declutter your home, organize your life and o

From organizing my kitchen, purging what we no longer use and using the most of our space.

7 Tips to Declutter

1. Donate good items you no longer need to your local shelters, food banks, pregnancy centers and hospice before donating to good will type places.  Your items will go to people who are in need prior to shoppers.

2. Wedding dresses can be donated as well.  There are many organizations who either sell them at discounts, donate/loan them out to those in need or who cannot afford them.  There are also groups who make them into dresses for angel babies who have died. Many great options on what to do if your dress is just sitting there waiting to be used again.

3. Prom dresses and brides maid dresses can possible go to the same place as wedding dresses.  Also check local consignment shops to see if they will take them or not.

4.  Schools items crafty type donations, old Christmas cards, paper, pencils, crayons (also great to pick up and donate during the school sales in September). Extra office supplies (not all) are appreciated for schools too.  Party items such as plates, napkins, cups and table clothes etc.

5. Gardening supplies.  The containers you got the plants from, can be donated to recycle or possibly returned to the nursery you go them from.  Community gardens may also take other donations, contact them to find out.

6.  Clothing and shoes, jewelry and purses can be sold at local consignment shops.  They will need to be washed and in good condition.  Be prepared to have some consignment shops not take some of your items as they want quality items, not items that are on their last leg. Only try to sell what you are willing to buy yourself.

7. Kid consignment shops are awesome to sell (and buy) those much needed little kid items. Gently used items are a great find and a low dollar price.