5+ Tips to Survive Bathroom Remodel

So sometime in the 60s the bathroom was put in our 1870s home with that gorgeous blue tub and matching wall sink .  A second bathroom was put upstairs with a shower more recenlty.  Since we moved in last year, I refuse to use the ‘well used’ tub.  We agreed we should remodel the bathroom.  Why not do both in tan-dome, so we can still shower and use the toilet . Here is hoping we survive bathroom remodel project number one.

tips to survive bathroom remodel. Be realistic. | eattravellife.com

I will post after pictures later this summer as this is going to take us a while, so check back!

Here are my tips for remodeling a bathroom and surviving:

  • Have a toilet – This takes planning, coordination and is a must.  If you are replacing the flooring, make sure you have everything you need in place to take out the toilet, put the flooring down (even if it’s just around the toilet) and put it back down.  Super important if you have kids, unless you want to teach them how to rough it (not a good idea if you live in the city).
  • Plan for problems – When working in a bathroom, it is wet.  Plan on having to replace boards near the wet areas.  So far we have found joists that need to be sistered (having a new same size board attached to it for support).  We have found crumbly boards at the entrance of the room and pipes that were put in the easiest way, not necessarily the right way.
  • Have extra money – with the unplanned problems, expect to have to spend more than you thought. I can’t give you a figure or formula, just plan for the worst case scenario (a total gut job) and have the money to fix.
  • Buy the drywall that is for wet areas – It will help prevent mold and be worth the cost in the end.

Be realistic

  • Expect a mess – Unless you plastic drape and quarantine off that section of your house, expect dust and dirt to go everywhere.  Clean up as you go to minimize, but there still will be a mess.
  • It will take longer – This is especially true if you are doing it yourself.  You will forget parts. Realize you need additional parts and have to run to the store a bazillion times, causing delays.  If someone is doing the job for you, they may have problems.  Problems = delays + extra money (unless they budgeted extra money).
  • Leave while the water is off – There will be a day when the waterlines needs to be turned off.  This will allow you to update the water lines.  As long as you are not the one working on it, you will want to leave.  Take the kids (if any) with you.  This will keep them from flushing the toilet.

What are you doing to help survive bathroom remodel in your home?

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