Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Make a beautiful tablescape this Thanksgiving with these simple ideas to decorate your table. -

Thank you to Thirty-One Gifts for sending me their products to create a beautiful tablescape.  Opinions are my own and may differ from yours.

Easy Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time for bringing family together and giving thanks for one another.  It involves eating too much good food and leftovers.  Your focus should be on making your turkey, stuffing, potatoes and everything else.  Having a beautiful tablescape is nice too, but I like to keep it simple (because we make too much food and space is at a premium).

I will put down a nice simple tablecloth. I use chargers (those fancy plates below the plate) for special occasions and our plates.  Silverware and napkins to match the holiday.  Put out a candle or 2 to balance the table and save the rest of the space for your food.


decorate in style

I like to give snacks before dinner. This keeps the guys and kids (and everyone else) from picking at the food while we are putting it together.  I used Thirty-One Gifts Close to Home Tray.  I fell in love when I saw this. It has heavy iron handles to carry it from the kitchen to to the table.  I was able to put cheese and crackers and some fruit on it for the family to snack on. You can personalize it too!  Wouldn’t this be cute to bring with you to your family Thanksgiving (or any gathering really) and give it to the hostess?  Don’t forget to get one for yourself too!

cheese crackers

I think this turkey little carry-all is a great way to display fruits on your table.  Also a great gift for your hostess or friends.  I filled this one with fruit. You could put a bottle of wine in there and some chocolates too.  Use it on your table to serve the rolls and pass it around.  It’s handle makes it perfect for this. Did you notice it has feet?

thanksgiving plate

Make sure you contact your consultant today to place your order or go online to find a consultant near you. Even better, host a party and get some products for free and get this deal.

Whether you are going to someone’s house or decorating, Thirty-One Gifts is able to help  you keep it simple and beautiful. Which gift do you want for your table decorations?

About Thirty-One Gifts

Did you know that Thirty-One Gifts is named after Proverbs 31 from the Bible?  It describes the attributes and the important of a “virtuous women.”  Thirty-One has a mission to help women by giving them the opportunity to own their own business.  Cindy Monroe, the found, started Thirty-One in her basement in 2003.  The company now has grown to now have more than 1,000 employees.  There are over 69,000 independent sales consultants in the U.S. and Canada.

Make a beautiful tablescape this Thanksgiving with these simple ideas. Make your table beautiful and focus on the food and people.

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  1. What a great serving tray. I had no idea that 31 also sold gifts. And that turkey bag is soooo cute!!!!! Love it!!!

    1. I really like the tray Debbie. It’s one of my new favorites to bring out with food for our family. The turkey is adorable, did you see it’s feet on the bag?

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