On the Road Printable License Plate Match Up Game

Printable road trip games to play in the car. Mark off the licence plates you find. - eattravellife.comMy kids need activities to do in the car when we take long road trips and vacations in the car. If we have nothing for them to do, it’s me yelling, them crying and lots of stressful driving.  Sound familiar? Road trip games make life a lot easier when they are kept busy.

Road trip games printable

We created this printable license plate match up game to download (laminate to reuse). It’s free!

To play, you just give each kid a sheet and a pen (or erasable marker if you laminate the page).  Each time you see a license plate from another state, you cross off what you find during your trip.

The one who finds the most by the time you reach your destination, wins. Sometimes we just tally them all together and see how many of what car we see each way.  Everyone gets involved.  One rule though.  You can’t count the state you are from, more that 5 times…it would get really boring!

Don’t tell your kids, but this can help them learn all 5o states too. (least they learn something while on summer vacation or any time they are not in school)


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  1. Another great idea. How fun!

    I’m taking a little road trip back home. However, I’m going to opt for duct tape over the 16 year olds mouth rather than a game.

    My nerves will be shattered to the core 5 hours later when we arrive, if I don’t. =)

    1. Driving with a teenager can be a challenge to say the least. But have you had a screaming 3 year old in your car unbuckling at 70 mph down the highway….to Disney? That was me a few years ago. Not that this game would help to a kid that couldn’t read. #IFeelYourPain

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