repaint heat registers diy

repaint heat register

When your heat registers are ugly you want to repaint them.  When your registers don’t match your decor anymore, you want to repaint them.  Whatever the reason, check out how to repaint heat registers and make them beautiful again.

What you’ll need:
spray paint color that matches your decor (we use Rustoleum in a satin finish)
wire brush
steel wool
sand paper
cheese cloth

tools to sand registers

repaint heat registers

I used a mask to keep from breathing in the rusty particles.

Take your wire brush and scrub the rust off the register to the best of your ability.  You may need to use a little sand paper to get the difficult parts sanded.  Flip over to the bottom of the register and scrub on that also.  Scrub the grate as well with the wire brush.

heat register rusted

One done, go over it again with the steel wool.  Wipe down with the cheese cloth.  If needed, use the sand paper.  You want it to be as smooth as possible.  My register was still bumpy after doing this (lack of care by the previous owners).

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picking color of register

I had 2 different colors I thought would work with the wood flooring we will be installing, so I sprayed part of the register with both colors and compared which color I wanted to use.  Dark brown one out.

I sprayed several layers of paint and most of the bumps were no longer visible once completed.  Be sure to start spraying the bottom and the grates and allow to set.  Come back once dry and then flip over and spray the top.

I can’t stop staring at what a transformation this register has made. It is a huge 3 foot cold air return that was rusty and looking sad.  With a little paint it has transformed to a keeper.

repainted register

repainted heat register

Instead of buying new heat registers, check out how you can repaint heat registers to make them like new. Take what you have and make it new!

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