Printable Easter He Is Risen Egg Hunt

Egg your family and friends as a reminder of Christ during Easter.|

Easter Egg hunt ideas

Nothing is more fun that to have some fun with friends.  With this printable (and downloadable) egg, you can share the true meaning of Easter.  Your family and friends will think you are pretty creative with this Easter egg  hunt idea too.

We enjoyed doing this to our neighbors after one of our friends did this to us.

What you’ll need for each Easter egg hunt:
12 Easter Eggs filled with assorted candies (keep in mind the temperature if you use chocolate)
Printable egg form printed and tape

I used a grocery bag and filled it with 12 eggs and the printable sign.  I made sure one egg from each batch, had nothing it in.

Looking for a Easter Egg hunt ideas for your kids? Wanna egg your friends? Check out how you can give your friends a Easter Egg hunt.

Easter egg hunt ideas for kids

You will want to take the eggs and sign (with a piece of tape) to your friends home.  If they are not home, tape it to their door and hide the eggs in their yard.  It’s a good idea to sign the bottom of the egg sign so they know who it’s from.

My kids also decorated some of the eggs as another project.

They loved taking these around to their friends and sharing the message!  Who will you egg this Easter?

Looking for a Easter Egg hunt you can share? Wanna egg your friends? Check out how you can give your friends a Easter Egg hunt.

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  3. Great idea, I think it is important for kids to remember the real reason why we celebrate Easter.

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