Kids Printable Chore Chart

printable chore chart kids to do listPrintable Chore Chart

As a parent, kids need to have responsibilities to help around the house.  You are not the maid and you definitely need to give kids ownership to contribute to the family.  Easier said than done I know.  We are going through it ourselves. Thus, I made my darlings this printable chore chart.

When it’s time for the kids to have responsibility and do chores around the house, you need to have a list, a chart, things to do reminder for your kids on their chores.

This keeps the kids from saying ‘I forgot’ ‘I didn’t know’ (because you know that’s gonna happen!

By having a sheet they can reference and mark off if they did their chores, is helpful in keeping track of the chores they have (or have not) completed.

If you do an allowance, you can base the allowance on how many times they do certain activities.  (don’t forget to add cleaning their room as a task!)

Pin this, print it or save it down to reference over and over for your family chore chart (not just for kids ya know!).

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