Top 6 tips for packing smart when you travel

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Top 6 travel tips for packing smart (and light). - eattravellife.comThis Summer is going to be busy. I had to break out a real paper calendar to map out our vacation schedule.  We love traveling all over and this year will be traveling through Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio with the kids. My husband also has some business trips.  Packing smart is a must do for our family.

When it comes to packing for travel, I try to pack smart.  Many times we have over packed and there is no room for extras. When we fly, I don’t enjoy lugging a heavy suit case full of stuff we end up not using or things we need but take up a lot of space.

packing smart

Top 6 travel tips for packing smart (and light). -

I’m thankful for Nature Made® Daily Diabetes Health Packs as my husband has a type 2 medical condition.  Because of this, we have many different things we need to take with us.  Having the Nature Made® Daily Diabetes Health Packs saves a lot of space in our suit case.  Here are some of my tips on how to pack smart for your next trip:

Electronics – Only take the electronics you will need and actually use. Do you really need it?  Think about what you will be doing.  Will you even have time to use it or will you be just carrying it from destination to destination.

Take what you need The Nature Made® Daily Diabetes Health Packs are a space saver.  These pouches are presorted so you only need to take the number of packs you will use during your trip.

Top 6 travel tips for packing smart (and light). -

My hubby thought it was pretty cool.  He said, “I saw the Nature Made® Daily Diabetes Health Packs in the bathroom, I take those.” The packs are slim and allow us to pack what is needed in his shave bag.  These packs save so much space in our luggage.

shopping is easy

If you have a Sam’s Club membership, you can order your Nature Made® Daily Diabetes Health Packs online and have them shipping directly to you.  You log into your account, select the number of boxes you want, enter your details and they are delivered to your door.  It’s very convenient.





Top 6 travel tips for packing smart (and light). - eattravellife.comSnacks – Snacks are a must.  The healthy ones are a plus as insulin resistance is prominent in our family.   Take them out of the box to take up less space. Give each kid  1 or 2 so you can monitor what they are eating. There are many snack healthy choices you can buy at Sam’s Club. Use this convenient list from Nature Made® Shopping list for healthy choices to buy.

Roll up your shirts and pants/shorts to save space in your suitcase.

Travel size – get smaller containers to put shampoo and soap you like in, versus taking the big containers with you.  Better yet, use what the hotel provides if you are staying at one.

the kids

Entertain the kids by playing I spy, looking for license plates on the road of different states, looking for colors outside.  A-Z animals (Taking turns, name an animal that starts with letter of alphabet in order)

Traveling smart allows you to have less stress and room for all those great souvenirs.

My husband struggles with insulin resistance  in the recent years.  It has had some challenges over the years. One way he manages his lifestyle is with the Nature Made® Daily Diabetes Health Pack.  They provide daily nutritional support for a diabetic.† Each pack contains a key combination of essential nutrients for diabetics. †

How will Nature Made® Daily Diabetes Health Pack help you on your next trip?

Disclaimer information about Nature Made® Daily Diabetes Health Pack:

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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ǂBased on US News & World Report – Pharmacy Times Survey

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