Free Printable Morning Routine For Kids

printable routine schedule

printable morning routine for kids

I have a hard time getting my kids to get around in the morning. I have tried no computer time, no tv.  They still don’t want to get around in the morning on time.  This has involves loud talking, crying and still scooting to school at the edge of our seat. Until I made them a morning routine list.

I started by writing out a checklist of things they needed to do in order to get TV time in the morning.

My daughter who loves order was drawn to making sure the list was completed.  She even pushed her brother to get his list done.

What we do is turn the TV off an hour to 1 1/2 hours before school starts so they can complete the list.

What’s on the list?  The things they need to do to get around for school: getting dressed, putting on deodorant.  Yes I had to make a list, so they would not forget.

I also put the morning routine in a printable PDF  form that you can download with a list of things to do in the morning and it also has an evening schedule.

kids printable chore chart

If you need a blank routine, got that too.  You can print the blank PDF as well you can download.

The files are for a weeks worth of daily schedules.  Don’t forget to print on the back of the page to get the most use of your paper!  And we have you covered for night routines too.

May it make a difference for your home, like it has for mine!

Struggle to get your kids out the door? Print this morning routine and have them get those morning chores completed easily with your kids doing the work.

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