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Lansing Michigan Capital Building

Greater Lansing – Love Lansing Like a Local

If you have lived around Lansing Michigan, you may remember it called Be a Tourist In Your Own Town. Like a lot of things, covid changed how it is. But as a positive, you can now try Lansing Michigan’s Love Lansing Like a Local event all Summer long (or so says Greater Lansing’s CVB).

Michigan Capital Dome from the inside looking up

Live in the Lansing Michigan surrounding areas and want an inexpensive vacation for your family? Don’t have time to go away? Try Loving Lansing Like a Local.

Topographical look at Michigan in the Historical Museum

Find Beauty Everywhere You Look

The Historical Museum, has an amazing library, that is great for doing genealogy and research on Michigan. There is also a museum to tour (check hours) of this history of Michigan. There are 3 floors to explore and traveling exhibits.

Michigan Historical Center

Explore downtown and see so many beautiful things about downtown. Historic buildings and churches are located throughout downtown.

impression 5 museum lansing michigan

Passports are inexpensive and you can visit 70 area attractions at little or no cost.

What Are Family Friendly Things To Do In Lansing Michigan?

There are museums and shops that are fun to see and explore in Lansing. Do check to see what is open when you are visiting. A lot of restaurants are not open on the weekend. Impression 5, the R.E. Olds Museum and Michigan Historical Museum are open, but check their hours.

RE OLDS Museum Lansing Michigan

Michigan Avenue Gems

Located on Michigan Avenue, going east of the capital, find the Lansing Center. Check online to see what events are happening Across the street is The Lugnuts Stadium to catch a baseball game. Across from the stadium are a few restaurants that are open during the weekend and a grocery store to get your snacks for your walk around town.

portrait of dreams lansing michigan downtown
See the Portrait of Dreams in Downtown Lansing Michigan

Washington Avenue Is Worth The Stroll

If you are on Michigan Avenue, you are not to far from Washington Ave. There used to be a square that you could not drive through, but it has been opened (up to Lansing Community College). You can find several business buildings along the brick road. Yes, orange bricks are on the road (and it’s bumpy). Stop at the Peanut Shop, a historic place to get all things nuts. As noted before, some are only open during the week day.

Lugnut Stadium Lansing Michigan
So much to see in do in Greater Lansing Michigan. See how you can love Lansing like a local. Explore & fall in love.

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