Tips to Find A Good Realtor That Will Sell Your Home

Tips to find good realtor that will sell your home|

There are no fool proof ways to find an awesome realtor.  If you find one, thank your lucky stars! Check out these tips to find good realtor to sell your home.

Here are tips/advice I would give after going through selling and buying a house last year and asking my friend Mer, about her crazy experience selling her house.

Tips for finding a realtor

  1. Review and read their current postings for homes they have listed online on sites like
    1. how many pictures do they have of each home?
    2. do they have a video of the home?
    3. how long have the listings been on the market?
    4. do they describe the house in an inviting manor?
  2. This is business – I’m sure you have friends who sell real estate. Selling a home can be stressful and difficult.  You may at times need to get down right ornery to get things done.  Do I recommend having a friend sell your house?  Only if you don’t need them as a friend if things go bad. There is good and bad to weigh when working with a friend or spouse of a friend. To name a few:
    1. friends may not push enough to get your house sold
    2. not feel they can be honest and tell you what is needed
    3. friends may also go the extra mile
    4. friends might sugar coat things.
  3. Sign up – know that your realtor is going to want you to commit to 6 months of them selling your home, if not longer.
    1. ask what you get from them during that 6 months.
    2. will they be listing your home in local papers/online?
    3. telling you they are listing it in the MLS is standard to get your house into Zillow, and Trulia.
  4. Seasoned is better than new – This is my personal preference.  I don’t want to be someone’s learning platform.  You want someone who knows their stuff and has been selling real estate for a while.  I don’t have time for teachable moments along the way.
  5. How many listings do they currently have and how many did they sell last year? This will give an indication how busy they are and how well they are doing.
    1. how many houses had their price reduced before selling and by how much?
    2. what is the average time it takes for one of their listings to sell?
  6. On the side – while there may be great realtors who do real estate on the side, having a realtor who does just real estate shows you they are not going to be busy doing something else and not able to help you when you need.  Being a full time realtor also shows they are making a living by doing real estate and it’s not just a side hussel.
  7. Be a robot – don’t make a decision to select a realtor based on emotion.
    1. just because you like them, doesn’t negate any of the above.
    2. just because you need someone ASAP, doesn’t mean you have to settle without considering the above.
    3. look at their record, their attentiveness to your questions and all the above before you agree this is the realtor for you.

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  1. Good advice, Regina! Isn’t the process of buying and/or selling a house *grueling*! That’s why I hope to never ever do it again! 😀

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