Something for Everyone at the Detroit Auto Show

the amazing Toyota Supra

what you want, baby they have it at the Detroit Auto Show

Whether it’s your first visit or your 20th visit, the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) has what you are looking for.  Going on from January 19 thru January 27 in 2019, you’ll have time to find vehicles that you will fall in love with and want to take one home.  There is such a variety of vehicles that the show has to offer.  What kind of vehicles can you find at the auto show?  It might be easier to list the ones you wont see.  It’s an international auto show, so there are cars from all over the world. A big thanks to A Girls Guide to Cars for inviting me to come experience this auto show and share my experience.


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what cars can you see at the Detroit Auto Show?

The NAIAS is also called the Detroit Auto Show.  It’s easier to say for sure. When walking through the show, you will hear people talking in different languages.  The Detroit Auto Show draws a melting pot of people from all over the world.  I’ve compiled just small glimpse of what you can see at the auto show. From innovation to safety and to performance, you will find these and more.

Innovative & tiny vehicles

See vehicles that are helping with mobility.  There are so many different ways that manufacturers are looking to help people move around.  You can find small compact cars which have great fuel economy.  See electric vehicles along with the pump.  Coming to the auto show and finding out information about how to use a electric car is easy. Bring your questions and talk to the manufacturers on these innovative cars.

tips to know before you attend the Detroit Auto Show

mobility vehicles Detroit Auto Show

mobility vehicles Detroit Auto Show

electric vehicle Chevy Bolt - Detroit Auto Show

Love fast cars?  The Detroit Auto Show has you covered

There are several race cars at the Detroit Auto Show.  Some allow you to come right up and touch them, and others may have a low barrier that you can still come up close and admire them from.  You can definitely feel the horse power behind them.

Find some of the engines on display as well to see how they engines are put together.  Your gear heads are going to be delighted.  There are a few areas that have places for you to see the vehicles on their side, the bottom and I even saw steering wheels and car seats in half, so you can see the inner workings.

race cars Detroit Auto Show

fast cars Detroit Auto Show

Kia Red Bull Race Car Detroit Auto Show

see industry leaders and luxury cars – Detroit Auto Show

So many luxurious vehicles in one location, you’ll have a hard time deciding which is your favorite!  The industry leaders are completely represented. Sit inside the cars, get a selfie or five.  Which ones do you want to take home?

new Toyota Supra
Check out the new Toyota Supra!

red Alpha Romeo Detroit Auto Show

Cadillac Detroit Auto Show

a piece of history with vintage cars – Detroit Auto Show

Growing up with show cars, vintage cars always have a soft spot when they are highlighted at the auto show.  These cars do not disappoint.  The 1957 Ford Ranchero, the 1955 Chevy 3600 and the 1965 Ford F100 to name just a few.  There are many more at the show.

1957 Ford Ranchero Detroit Auto Show

1955 Chevy 3600 Detroit Auto Show

1965 Ford F100

hands on virtual reality – Detroit Auto Show

Be sure to check out the manufacturers virtual reality booths.  Have virtual experience of riding in their vehicles, to doing walk around and seeing their vehicles in a new light.  This is something that you can’t usually find at your local dealer and is unique to the auto show.

Dodge Bondurant Virtual reality driving school - Detroit Auto Show

Honda Virtual Reality Detroit Auto Show

Virtual reality Detroit Auto Show

Chevy Virtual Reality Detroit Auto Show


See what is happening at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. It's all your favorite vehicles under one roof! Did you know you could do that at an auto show? #ReinvestNAIAS

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