Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked for the Holidays (or anytime)

Tips to keep from getting your credit card hacked when shopping online for the holidays and anytime.| eattravellife.comNothing like getting your credit card hacked.  I was shopping online for items I wanted.  Instead of grabbing my credit card for the purchase, I always get my husbands card from him.

I entered his card.


Entered the numbers again.


I checked our balance, we have money in our account.  I told him that his card wasn’t working.  Oh yeah, he said, a few days ago, it wouldn’t work when I went through the fast food joint.

In checking our account I found suspicious activity. We’ve been hacked during the holidays and they bank shut his card down.

From what we can determine it happened from one purchase he made online for a part we needed to purchase.

tips to keep credit card safe

Here are some tips to keep yourself from being hacked for the holidays (or anytime).

Cash is king.  Pay for everything with cash. You won’t go over budget and your risk is none for having your card hacked.  You just need to keep an eye on your purse/wallet.

Reloadable credit cards. Reloadable credit cards with limited amount of money on them, keeps the risk to your checking account and credit card safe. You are just risking the amount you load to the card.

Just one.  Use one credit card for online purchases.  This allows you risk on just one credit card. Don’t have it tied to your checking account.  This will keep your bill paying money safe and the breach to one credit card.

 Don’t Save your credit card information online.  Instead manually enter the information each time you make purchases.

Monitor your bank statements online daily if you are making purchases online for any suspicious activity and notify your bank/credit card company immediately.

Investigate how your bank would handle the situation.  Would you be responsible for the money lost or would they cover it and return your funds.

How do you keep your credit card safe online?

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  1. We have had this happen to my husband’s card. He caught it immediately because they tried to order perfume which I don’t wear. He called and got the order canceled. He thought that it was a fluke until walmart called him later that evening asking him if he ordered such and such item. I’m sure who ever stole his card number was disappointed that they didn’t get their stuff. The bank told him that they can randomly enter a his ugh string of credit card numbers to see if they get lucky to get something to go through.

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