How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries

How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Ever wonder how to make chocolate covered strawberries?  They are super easy to make and almost as quick to eat.  You can make them with milk chocolate or almond bark.

Use fresh strawberries from your garden, or from the store. Sweet strawberries tend to be sweetest compared to large strawberries.

delicious berries


You will need:
1 bag of milk chocolate chips (I use Ghiradelli chocolate)
almond bark
1 pound strawberries
microwave container
Silicone mat or wax paper
Baking sheet

decorated berries


Fill the microwave container with chocolate chips. Place in the microwave and cook for 1 minute, stopping ever 30 seconds to stir the chocolate, until the chocolate is smooth.
Place the wax paper or silicone mat on a baking sheet.
Take the strawberries with the stems on, and roll into the chocolate until coated 1/4″ to 1/2″ from the top.
Drizzle milk chocolate on the berries or drizzle additional almond bark on the berries (this gives them textured pretty look)
Place the chocolate covered strawberries on the baking sheet and allow to cool. Place the tray in the refrigerator to cool quicker.
Once cooled, you can peel the strawberries from the strawberries from the wax paper/silicone mat carefully.

If you have extra strawberries, make a shortcake.

Here's how to make chocolate covered strawberries simply and easily. You can make these for your next party or when you want to eat them.

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