original banana split recipe

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Enjoy the original Banana Split. No ice cream needed.| eattravellife.com Original banana split

Looking for a less guilty way to have a banana split.  This may be up your ally.

What in a split really? It’s a banana cut in half!

So if you take that play on words, you can really make a delicious treat without all the extra guilt and calories.  Your kids will love it and not be on such a sugar rush either.

You can decorate your banana with lots of great toppings.  Your kids will forget there is no ice cream.

This is a great recipe to let your kiddos make on their own or help you make.


whipped cream

how to make a healthy banana split

You are going to need a dish, bananas, whipped cream, sprinkles and cherries for this delicious recipe.
Cut your banana into slices (or you can cut it in half). Cutting it in slices is easier for kiddos to eat without help.
Add a generous amount of whipped cream to the bananas, covering them really well.
Add sprinkles and cherries and you have your delicious treat completed.
Enjoy eating alone or share!

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