The 31 Days and Ways to Make Your Life Easier With Thirty-One

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Make Your Life Easier with Thirty-One Gifts

Thirty-One Gifts has so many products to offer their customers.  I have compiled my own 31 ways / days you can use your own Thirty-One products in your life.  Here are just 31 ways that I have used them in my life this year, thanks to Thirty-One who sent me products to share with you this year.  See something you like?  Make sure you contact your consultant to order it.  See a lot you love?  you seriously need to have a party! This is the best way to make every day Earth Day.

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Be In Style With the Latest Trends

31-30. Studio Thirty-One Classic Purse – This is such a cute purse!  I switched to it for our trip to Hawaii and never switched back to my old purse.  It has a pocket on the outside that is perfect for holding my keys so I don’t lose them.  There is an inside pocket that allows you to put those items you need to have at a moments notice that zips too.  The strap is long enough to go across your body if you want to wear it.  You can also get multiple flaps depending on what you are wearing or your mood. Wallet – All About the Benjamin – This is beautiful all on it’s own.  Them embroidery is beautifully done.  The insides has a couple sections for cards and a place for cash and coins.   If you carry your checkbook, there is a place this can slide in as well.

purse and decorative wallet

29. Large Utility Tote – This has become my go to bag in the car.  I keep it there for my shopping trips.  All my packages and bags are put in it and then I just carry one bag into the house.  I could use a couple of these for those big shopping trips too.  Perfect for when you shop at those  warehouse stores that don’t have bags! I also use it to carry several grocery bags at once (less trips!)

organize vacation

29. All-In Organizer –  Small enough to travel with.  We will use this for the kids to take their snacks and must haves in the car with them. Also works well for a bathroom bag for college students and teens.

tote bag for snacks

28- 22. Get Creative Caddy – This is a game changer to get your craft items organized.  It opens up to allow you to see exactly what is in it and puts everything with arms reach to get your craft on. Get Creative Carry All – The bag that allows you to transport all those fabulous craft items with vibrant colors.  Nothing frumpy about this bag.  It has pockets and room to hall your stash on your next craft night out with the girls.  Get Creative Round , cylinders, rectangle, sleeves & slim pouches – These totally help you organize all the little items in your Get Creative Caddy and Carry All.

gift ideas

 craft supply storage

craft supply storage

21. Around the Clock Thermal & Lunch Break Thermal – Perfect for lunches for kids and adults.  Insulated and big enough to hold perishable foods.  We use ice packs to keep things cool.  My kids love these for their lunches.  We also use when we are traveling for small snacks.

lunch bags

Keep Your House Organized

20-18. Your Way Cubes – These have organized my office too.  All the stuff that hangs out and doesn’t really need to be out (but you need to keep), can be tucked away in these for easy reach. Your Way Display – My inboxes on my desk for my notes and what needs to be filed.  Everything goes into these and then is sorted out several times a year.  They are perfect for organizing your closet and bathroom storage as well. Fold N File – This is used for my important papers.  I have a few of these to help keep me organized for the kids papers and for my tax papers.  You can put your standard size manilla tabbed folders and organize your desk easily.  It has 2 sturdy handles on both sides to help carry it around as needed.

organize office

office organization

Keep Organized On The Go

17. Boutique Backpack – When traveling, we have used these as the kids tech and snack bags.  They are small enough that it allows them to bring the essentials.  There are outside zip pockets that helps separate important things like headphones and a snack.


16. Cinch Sac –  These are used inside the kids backpacks for school and carry their gym clothes back and forth.  They wash well and don’t take up a lot of space in their backpacks.  They also use when going to a friends house.

gym bag

15. All Packed Duffle Bag – A great back when going to grandma’s house.  This holds more than you think.  It has handles and an over the shoulder strap to carry.

duffle bag

14. Glamour Case – All my toiletries fit in here when I travel alone.  It’s got little pockets on the top for essentials.  Perfect to grab and go or use as a makeup back.

make up bag

13. Fold Up Organizer – This is a life saver for all those things you need to take with you when you travel.  We used ours for the important papers on the flights, hotels and rental car.  It was our go-to for our passports  This can be used for the kids go to bag for things you’ll need for them and so many other things.

baby bag on the go

12. Hanging Travel Case – Fits perfectly on the back of the hotel room door, or sits nicely on the counter.  So much room in this bag.  We were able to put our suntan lotions and sprays in here and the swim goggles and take them to the beach with us.

11. 24/7 Case  – This is a great graduation gift.  Perfect to store your toiletries in.  Great for those going into dorms.  My husband uses his as his shave bag and for travel.

shaving bag

Entertaining Made Easy

10. Close to Home Tray – This is perfect for your cheese and crackers to have out for pre holiday snacks.  Perfect housewarming gift and for newlyweds. Bring it out during game day and those mom wine out parties.


9. Close to Home Caddy – This is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom or for crafts.  Store your utensils, scissors or makeup brushes in this beautifully crafted box.  There are handles to help you carry it around.

home caddy

8. Close to Home Table Gallery – One of my favorite pieces.  This allows you to display your family photos with  a personalized message.  Change the photos to reflect the holidays.  While it holds 3, you can have one for each child.  Upload your photos and the finished product arrives to your door.

photo display

7. Sling Back Bag – This bag is easy to throw over your shoulder.  Use it as  quick baby bag with the essentials on short trips.  There are exterior pockets that can hold a lot of items. We use this for the camera, go pro and selfie sticks.

gear bag

6. Canvas Pillow – These are beautiful and durable canvas.  I love the different ways they can be personalized.  Can you imagine having one at your children’s open house and everyone one signing?  It will definitely be a keepsake.  You can personalize them it so many ways.


5. Keepsake Planner – This is the perfect gift for those who are unorganized and have lots of sticky notes.  With uplifting messages and

yearly planner

4. Catch All Bin – I use this for my Winter emergency kit in my car.  I have everything I need in my car for an emergency. This is also perfect for all the clutter that finds its way into our living room.  It can store those magazines and blankets that get left on the couch.  It has a handle that allows you to easily carry it.

car organization

3. Close to Home Celebrate Plate – This plate is perfect for the cookies & milk for Christmas.  Use it as a tray for the dish you are known for at holiday celebrations. (we are know for our egg salad).  There are many wooden icons  you can choose from.  The wooden tree is displayed.

holiday decorations and plates

2. Around the Town Tote – One of my favorite bags.  I use this for my computer and tech gear when traveling on car trips.

travel bags

1. Little Carry Alls – These are my go to gift for people for birthdays and holidays.  You can put a little personalized something in them and it’s a perfect gift.  I have my kids use these for gifts for their friends with a little hot-chocolate, candy or their favorite gift card inside as well.

Christmas bags

How does Thirty-One make your life easier?

About Thirty-One Gifts

Did you know that  Thirty-One Gifts is named after Proverbs 31 from the Bible?  It describes the attributes and the important of a “virtuous women.”  Thirty-One has a mission to help women by giving them the opportunity to own their own business.  Cindy Monroe, the found, started Thirty-One in her basement in 2003.  The company now has grown to now have more than 1,000 employees.  There are over 69,000 independent sales consultants in the U.S. and Canada.

Looking for ways to make your life easier? Check out these ways we've improved our life thanks to Thirty-One Gifts. Who doesn't want life to be easier?

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